#009: Vertical Return

Why DVDs still may be a viable distribution medium for large files, why we might need a DLT tape drive, and why dial-up internet still exists. Also, your keyboards are doing it wrong.

Play #008: Walk of Shame

A handful of thoughts on newly locked screenshots in iTunes Connect. And our main topic for today: Vending Machines, the unsung heroes of the night. Handing out DVDs, parcels and German cars.

Play #007: Quantum of Silence

We discuss the very special last week of 2012, international date formatting, iOS app piracy, and give an overview of some IT security talks at 29C3, one of the largest hacker conferences on earth. We’ll meet you @300.

Episode duration: 46.23 .beats.

Episode titles that didn’t make the cut: Moonraker, From Russia with Love

Play #006: Don’t Pro Me

Why companies should stop their last-century approach of selling differently to consumers and professionals, merge lite and pro versions of software and embrace the endlessness of digital shelf space.

Play #005: Mumbled Skype

We dig up some more fancy MiniDisc devices and discuss a viable alternative to Skype for professional audio podcasts. Mumble with Opus codec support finally improves remote audio conference calls. Less latency, better audio fidelity and full control down to the source.

More on Mumble as an alternative to Skype at

Play #004: Rip. Mix. Burn.

We talk about little coincidences with big consequences, the DRM-induced downfall of Sony and how they could have stopped the iPod before it even came out.

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Play #003: The Bag of Hurt

We talk about the costs of developing an iOS app, take a peek at the future of TV now that Tim Cook upgraded TV from hobby status to intense interest. Also, how Hollywood is risking its cinematic history and screwing with legitimate customers.

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